Holmdel Staff

  • Heather Campbell
    Heather CampbellProgram Manager
    Heather has been program manager at Bayshore Community Hospital since its inception in 2011. She works closely with her multidisciplinary team, the patients and the surgeons. Her goal is to make the patient’s journey to surgery as seamless as possible. Heather has a genuine personal and professional passion for working with patients to help them achieve their weight loss surgery health goals. Heather enjoys seeing the program’s patients reach success under the direction of her Bayshore team. She is available by phone or email to answer any questions or concerns her patients may have.
  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Receptionist
    Chris has worked in a variety of office and hospital settings. She brings a wealth of knowledge from having worked with two previous bariatric practices. Chris loves our bariatric patients and works diligently to assist them in any way possible. Whether it’s making appointments, managing patient charts, handling billing, organizing nutrition and psych appointments or just answering general questions, she is always ready to help with a smile.
  • Mia Elfstrom
    Mia ElfstromInsurance Coordinator
    Mia works closely with our patients to help them understand their insurance benefits for surgical coverage. She acts as a liaison between patients and their insurance companies to ensure that patients are aware of their bariatric plan coverage as well as their criteria to qualify for surgery. Mia communicates with patients on a regular basis to make sure that all clinical information required by the insurance company will be submitted in time for approval. She is knowledgeable and up to date with all insurance company criteria regarding bariatric surgery and is willing to answer any questions patients may have.
  • Kelly Regan
    Kelly ReganAdministrative Assistant
    Kelly is the administrative assistant at the bariatric center. In addition to assisting with the center’s daily tasks, she is instrumental in keeping the flow during office hours to ensure patients are seen as quickly as possible. Kelly also ensures that disability paperwork is filled out correctly and in a timely manner for our patients.
  • Kaitlyn Rawson, RD
    Kaitlyn Rawson, RDBariatric Dietitian
    Excess weight is a complex problem that affects many aspects of an individual’s health and quality of life. Nutrition is an important aspect of shedding this excess weight. Our registered dietitians, including Kaitlyn, work with and support you, so you can achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. Kaitlyn and our other dietitians are available to provide you with ongoing individualized support and education classes to guide you through this exciting period in your life.