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Imagine what it would feel like to be free of the burden of obesity. To stop taking pills and medications, or sleeping with a CPAP machine. To play in the yard with your children and grandchildren, or to walk up a flight of stairs with ease. Surgical weight loss treatment can help improve your health, your stamina and your range of motion.

NJ Weight Loss Doctors provide minimally invasive operations to treat obesity. One of the safest and most effective solutions our team offers is laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. Unlike other weight loss treatment options, gastric banding does not alter the digestive tract or stomach. However, it will reduce your food intake and prompt rapid, steady weight loss.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions and Support
Our bariatric surgeon team is committed to partnering with you for long-term, sustainable results. Our goal is to help you lose excess body weight, see an improvement or resolution in weight-related health conditions and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Our surgeons are expertly trained and extensively experienced. New Jersey Monthly Magazine has included our surgeons on their “Top Docs” list every year since 2007. Our facilities have been recognized as “Bariatric Centers of Excellence,” thanks to the quality and high success rates of our programs. As a practice, our complication rates are well below the national average.

Rest assured that you are in the hands of doctors that are not only technically skilled, but caring and compassionate. Our team understands the physical and psychological impacts of weight loss surgery, and we have created a comprehensive program to support our patients throughout their entire journey.

Whether you need nutritional counseling, psychological support, motivation or inspiration during your weight loss experience, NJ Weight Loss Doctors is ready with the appropriate resources or referrals.

Why Gastric Banding (Lap Band) Is So Effective

During gastric banding in New Jersey, the surgeon places a specially designed adjustable band around the upper portion of the stomach and tightens it. This forms a small pouch. Imagine that the stomach now resembles an hourglass, with a small passage between the upper and lower portions of the stomach.

The upper, smaller portion of the stomach can now hold only a small amount of food. Also, the food moves slowly between the upper and lower portion of the stomach as it is digested. Because of this modification, you will feel full faster and eat less, which results in steady weight loss.

If you are losing weight too quickly or slowly, the band can be adjusted. The surgeon will either add or remove fluid through a port connected to the band; these adjustments will tighten or loosen the band to decrease or increase the size of the stomach pouch.

The gastric band is placed laparoscopically, through small incisions with tiny instruments. This reduces post-operative recovery times and scarring and minimizes some of the risks of traditional open surgery.

How Does Gastric Banding Work?

The gastric band procedure in New Jersey is not what causes you to lose weight — in truth, it is the changes that you make after surgery that produce the desired outcomes. You will need to eat smaller portions of healthy foods and avoid grazing or snacking between meals. You should start to exercise daily and make other modifications to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. For the best results, you will need to commit to making these lifelong changes.

You have the power within you to change your health and happiness. Gastric banding is the tool that makes it possible!

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If you are significantly overweight, and suffering from weight-related health conditions, you may qualify for New Jersey gastric banding.

Upon consultation, our team will perform a full workup to ensure that you are a good candidate for gastric banding. If, based on the information we gather, we determine that gastric banding is not right for you, we can review other options.

To learn more about undergoing gastric banding in New Jersey and determine whether you qualify, please contact NJ Weight Loss Doctors today.

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