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If your BMI is >27, simple diet and exercise may just not be enough to get the results that your body needs or that you seek.

To successfully treat obesity on a medical level, you need a comprehensive plan that can help break the cycle of weight loss and regain. That’s where NJ Weight Loss Doctors’ Medical Weight Loss Program comes in. We can offer the tools and support necessary for meaningful weight loss that improves health and well-being.

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Why Us?

Undergoing an evaluation with a specialized weight loss doctor allows for a detailed look at your body’s needs and is the first step toward a dedicated plan built for you. This includes

  • Medical history
  • Physical examination
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Review of systems, emphasizing obesity-related complications
  • Obesity history

Prescription Weight Loss Options

In some cases, patients may benefit from pharmacological treatments such as Wegovy® or Contrave® to treat their unique needs. This may include those who:

  • Have tried lifestyle changes but can’t reach a healthier weight 
  • Have a BMI of ≥27kg/m2 and a weight-related comorbidity
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