Non-surgical Treatments

Exercise and Activity

Effective weight loss programs comprise both diet and exercise plans. Weight loss is achieved by using more calories than you consume. A diet regimen limits the number of calories you consume while exercise helps you burn extra calories. Exercise also prevents or alleviates certain health conditions such as heart disease or high cholesterol, lowers the risk of certain cancers and improves mood and wellbeing

On joining a weight loss program, you will be thoroughly evaluated and an individualized exercise plan designed. You will also be encouraged to make other positive lifestyle changes.

Your exercise plan structure includes an aerobic routine and strength training. Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise increases your heart rate and helps you burn calories fast. Strength training helps you increase lean muscle mass which also burns calories. The exercises will focus on all your major muscle groups. They will also improve your endurance, flexibility and range of motion. An instructor will guide you through the program to ensure that you progress adequately. You are advised to warm up thoroughly at the beginning of each exercise session to prevent injury. If you have any pain or difficulty breathing while performing the exercises, you should stop immediately and consult your doctor.


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