Revision Weight Loss Surgery

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For the great majority of surgical weight loss patients, a single procedure produces the substantial, sustainable weight loss they desire, without complication. However, for others, a single procedure may not have the desired outcomes. A weight loss surgery patient may experience insufficient weight loss, poor resolution of obesity-related health conditions or (in rare cases) medical complications from the procedure.

When that happens, NJ Weight Loss Doctors can help. Our team offers weight loss surgery revision in New Jersey to change or modify previous bariatric surgeries. For the right patients, the benefits of revisional surgery can be remarkable.

Addressing What Went Wrong

First, you and our surgeon need to identify why the prior surgery failed. Was it a technical complication? Did the stomach pouch stretch, or the gastric band slip out of place? Was there a compliance issue? Did you overeat? Were you lax about your follow-up visits with our team? Our team has the tools needed to identify what went wrong and decide how to fix it.

Once you and our surgeon understand where the previous procedure failed, together you can design a plan for revision weight loss

Our Revisional Weight Loss Solutions

Every patient seeking revision weight loss surgery has a different case and medical history. Because of this, revision weight loss surgery is tailored to the needs of the specific patient. Our surgical team will work with you one-on-one to develop a treatment plan.

We perform laparoscopic surgery whenever medically advisable, because it is safer and offers more patient benefits than traditional open surgery.

If you have a Lap Band, but the device is too tight, too loose or has slipped out of place, we can adjust the band accordingly. Or, we can remove the device completely and convert to gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. If you had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve and have developed a medical complication, we can repair the complication. If you simply aren’t achieving your desired results, we can convert to a more effective procedure.

We will provide more information about your treatment options after learning more about your case and the reason why your primary procedure failed

Continual Support During Your Weight Loss Journey

NJ Weight Loss Doctors team provides comprehensive support and follow-up throughout your entire weight loss journey. We understand the physical and emotional challenges associated with weight loss surgery, and we will connect you to the right resources.

Our team has been complimented on our warm bedside manner and accessibility. We believe these qualities are important to all of our surgical weight loss patients, especially those facing the need for New Jersey revision weight loss surgery.

We are committed to seeing you achieve your desired weight loss goals and live a healthier, happier life. If you have developed a problem related to your bariatric surgery, or if you are not happy with your results, contact us to learn more about your revision options.

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